Halifax’s summer theatrical music celebration, The Argyle Street Kitchen Party, has extended its invitation to even more talented guests for its July 3-29 run at Neptune Theatre.

Conceived by songwriter Ian Sherwood and Neptune artistic director Jeremy Webb, the show will now feature Reeny Smith, Thom Swift, Erin Costelo, T. Thomason, Dave Gunning, Ian Janes and the Hupman Brothers, interacting with Sherwood and the cast in a show about three East Coast roommates who want to throw the ultimate kitchen party. Audience members can even join in on stage, where there will be a working bar and seats for those who want to get interactive.

Previously announced guests include Christina Martin, Lennie Gallant, Charlie A’Court and Mo Kenney. To get tickets, drop by the Neptune Theatre box office, call 902-429-7070 or visit online.